Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Call to Robert Evan (Van) Hughes

His Call for Salvation

  • A man is dying. His immortal soul is gravely at risk. He is your neighbor and we are asking you to help him cleanse his soul and so die in the light of God's love.

Dear Fellow Christian,

A group of us have been praying for months now for the immortal soul of a man who is confronting death. Cancer has eaten away his face; he has faced chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery. He knows that death is breathing down his neck. Normally, as a fellow Christian, you would expect us to ask you to pray for his life and for his salvation, that he might meet his Maker with hope. But the man of whom we write cannot expect that. Even as we pray for him to turn from sin he continues to grasp at the sins that have destroyed him. He is a man who has been damned by his own actions and whose actions threaten to destroy his parents and children as well. Please help him see the light. Help us save him for Christ.

God calls us to account for the gift of life that He gave. In this instance, with this man, Robert E. (Van) Hughes, that gift has been used to feed on others. He has lived a life of shocking deceit, preying on those who trusted him; in so doing he has placed his family at grave risk of prosecution as well. During the course of his criminal activities he used the names of family members most likely without their knowledge. This is a man who will risk anything for profit. He has turned his back on righteousness to indulge the ugliest of impulses. He is filled with sin, ridden with it, and those sins are eating out his soul.

The objective evidence shows that he began while doing estate plans, many of those for elderly people who placed their trust in his honor. We hope and pray that none of those families suffered from his attentions but we have yet to research those estates. But that, too, must be done. As God calls us to account to Him so He demands we serve and protect one another.

Van Hughes has used many pseudonyms. Among those are GLENN EVANS, P. DAVIS, SUMNER STROUT and ROBERT EVAN HUGHES,II. Other names are still appearing. He did 'business' that was clearly thinly veiled crime under the corporate names of Commerce Capital Group (CCG), AGIS VENTURES (AGIS), PRIMARY ASSET HOLDING CORP. (PRIMARY), TRIDENT CAPITAL PARTNERS (TRIDENT), Xpedian, also spelled Expedian, among others. Hughes has been on this path for many years and harmed many yet unaware. Even as you pray for him be aware of those he may yet harm. Van Hughes is a man filled with arrogance and an overweening sense of entitlement.

According to those whose legal cases and stories are up on line Van has been evading the truth about himself for a long time.

Van Hughes' corporate ventures were very different than the high level business deals he reported each of us, to his friends and family at home. Those corporate ventures included 'adult entertainment' and other questionable activities, occurring before Hughes was forced into hiding by his predations.

Blocked from larger outlets Hughes began to issue fraudulent stock to poor people who believed in him. In so doing he put single mothers and their disabled children at risk of their lives.

Hughes bankrupted one young man and his fiance, just 22, putting them literally on the street after enticing them to relocate hundreds of miles to work for him. After months of hard work and 18 hour days Hughes kicked them out, refusing to pay what they were owed. The same young man, never paid a penny, had loaned Hughes $6,000.00 from their tiny savings. Promised stock in what proved to be a company barred from trading was never issued.

Another man, driven to find paying work after writing software for Hughes while living on his couch for a year, left his truck and $100,000 worth of equipment with Van, who promised to care for it. Within months Hughes was no longer returning his calls. Returning to Charlotte in an attempt to find Hughes the man was forced to file a police report and posted this online. The same man had been promised stock in the company for which he was providing coding. The stock promised was never delivered and Hughes was legally proscribed from having offered it because of his theft of stock while in a position of trust with Global Transnet Corp. The man, a highly qualified computer expert, remains uncompensationed. He also loaned Hughes $23,000.00.

Aware of the legal ramifications Hughes never issued the required stock certificates to anyone, including that stock given to relatives.

Hughes adopted a pattern of behavior. He persuaded his victims to move from their homes to work for him. He never paid them. Instead he borrowed their savings leaving them destitute and homeless. We discovered in comparing notes that this was his consistent pattern. Introduced to friends and associates he worked to victimize them as well. He even tried to persuade one of us to introduce him to Ron Paul so he could take advantage of the presidential candidate's popularity.

Hughes consistently stole from those who trusted him; he borrowed money, promising immediate repayment, from people he knew to be near poverty. The list of victims grows ever longer as we make more inquiries.

Time and time again Hughes has betrayed those who trusted him. He has forced the most needy to live without basic necessities.

In some cases this went on for years. While demanding they work for him he unashamedly made money from their uncompensated labor. One of his victims found the work she had done, writing his business plan and promotional material, on the website for Valley Grande Golf Course where you might play. Hughes developed the course and housing to benefit his parents. The woman who did the work was never paid as much as a penny. She had invested $10,000.00 in the venture but never received the stock for which she spent her last savings. When she asked for it she was threatened.

Robert Evan (Van) Hughes continues to ignore his victims. Those victims have now taken legal action. Those actions are now going forward and will strip from Hughes all he still possesses, baring his crimes to the courts.

Hughes knows this. Near death he has been unable to change course. He continues to spend tens of thousands of dollars on his own care while pursuing plans to flee the country with his ill-gotten gains. By so doing he both sinks deeper into a morass of crime and ignores this immediate danger to his own soul. How could any man do this, you ask yourself? Therein is the danger. This is a man lost to God, connected only by a single thread to his essential humanity. He has told so many lies that nothing else is left.

His victims are otherwise. Instead of losing ourselves in anger, we, his victims, came together to pray for direction. It was an agonizing process but profoundly healing. We saw our duty. God demands from each of us accountability to each other. Only then can we be healed.

Van must be held accountable but we continue to pray that he will reach into his soul and find God. As people of faith we believe he can yet be healed in the body and in the soul – if he takes this step. Simply do right; confess and repent. In writing this letter we ask for your help – for Van Hughes. Help him see himself as he is.

Christ called on us to care for our brothers and the greatest danger Van Hughes faces today is not death; we all die. He faces the annihilation of his soul if he fails to confront his own life, so wrongly lived. His family faces shame, possible criminal charges with him, and other horrifying consequences.

Next time you approach the solace and comfort of prayer hold in your mind and heart Van Hughes that he might be saved. Pray for him. Call and ask him to repent. His number is 704-576-5335. We believe that God is holding out his arms to Van, waiting to receive him. Pray also for his parents, Ann and Billy Hughes of Valley Grande, Alabama and for his four children, Robert, Ashley, Lindsey, and Austin. They will need your prayers, your love, and your support.

Let Van's parents know you are praying for their beloved son and for them. Share your concerns and express your sympathy. Their shame and grief will be overwhelming when they understand what their son has done. They are good and decent people. You can reach them at home, 334-874-4998.

Christ calls us to live transparently so that the light of love might shine into the deepest part of our souls and find no darkness therein. Be in the light and with God always.


Ray, Melinda, Gina, Paul, and Justin, your brothers and sisters in Christ.

Updates will appear here. We firmly believe that the power of prayer will eventually change Van's heart.

Saturday, April 20th - Paul called Van's parents, informing them of the charges being filed and asking for their help in bringing Van to righteousness. He said they sounded resigned. We know they are hurting. Please treat them with love.

Saturday, April 20th - Van called Gina and threatened to sue her. She listened to him rant for a long time and then, when she was fed up, Van refused to disconnect.